Home Money Exchange Contribute to our pool and win the CashChanger jackpot!

Contribute to our pool and win the CashChanger jackpot!

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As you might know, CashChanger thrives on user-contributed data.

And that makes sense – you’re already on location – just snap a photo of the money changer’s rate board.

In return, you’ll receive a whole bunch of data on where best to change money. Help yourself and help others. 🙂

So to make things sweeter for all, CashChanger is introducing a brand new initiative to encourage sharing.

This is what you need to do:

1) The next time you’re near any money changer, take a clear legible photo of their rateboard.

2) Send the photo to our WhatsApp group. If you haven’t joined us already, here’s the invite link

3) Do it as often as possible in the next month!

We will maintain a leaderboard and the top 3 contributions between 16 Oct to 16 Nov will receive cold hard cash from CashChanger.

Top contributor: S$50
2nd contributor: S$20
3rd contributor: S$10

Some terms & conditions (we hate the legal stuff too, but unfortunately, it is necessary):

A) All rateboards sent to us has to be complete, sharp, and legible to qualify. Please refer to this as the best example:


B) This is important! If the name of the shop is not shown on the rateboard, please furnish us with the information

C) This is important too! Please only send us recent photos. We would only accept contributions within the hour. Don’t send us rateboards from years ago. We have our ways to find out. 🙂

D) We accept rateboards from money changers location in Singapore and Malaysia only.

E) It is okay if you’ll send us consistently from the same shop on multiple days. But we would only count contributions from the same shop from the same contributor once a day.

F) Prizes will be dispense via Singapore bank transfer before 31 Nov 2017. Please ensure you have a Singaporean bank account to receive the prize.

G) CashChanger’s decision is final, and CashChanger reserve the rights to modify any terms & condition without notification. (We are nice and fair people.)

That’s it. So snap away and win some cold hard cash!

As always, do ping us directly for any feedback, and we’ll be happy to hear what you have in mind.

Like CashChanger on Facebook.

Are you a money changer? Join us by leaving your contact here directly and stand to gain our whole suit of software and hardware for free to help digitize your business. 🙂

CashChanger Editor
CashChanger Editor
Co-founder of CashChanger.


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