Compare Home Loans – New, Refinance

Compare Home Loans - New, Refinance

Compare Home Loans – New, Refinance. Ah, navigating the world of home loans in Singapore—like trying to find your way through a bustling hawker center during lunch hour!

Whether you’re a fresh-faced buyer stepping into the realm of home ownership or a seasoned homeowner thinking of a financial facelift through refinancing, think of a comparison service as your go-to hawker uncle who knows all the best stalls.

We heard our users, and today we are sharing our latest tie up here!


Step 1: Navigate to the Home Loan tab on website, to access the search menu

Compare Home Loans - New, Refinance


Step 2: Click on Search Home Loan once you have confirmed your inputs, and wait a minute

Step 3: Browse and Select the loan you want on PropChanger

Compare Home Loans - New, Refinance

Step 4: Click on More Details to get in touch with PropChanger’s service to link you up with the Bank or Financial Institution

Compare Home Loans - New, Refinance

What’s more, receive free shopping vouchers from e-Capitaland or Lendlease when you’ve successfully used the service!

For you, first-time buyers, it’s like having a kopi buddy who breaks down the complexities of interest rates, loan jargon, and those sneaky hidden fees. This comparison service is your kopi guru, guiding you to that perfect blend of a loan that suits your budget and feels as comfy as your favorite pair of slippers.

And to all you refinancers, it’s like having a financial auntie who’s a master at stretching a dollar. Want to zhng your interest rates or snag a loan that’s more in sync with your financial groove? The comparison service is your auntie with the expert financial recipe, helping you spice up your mortgage game and maybe even stash away some extra ang pow money.

In the fast-paced Lion City life, a comparison service is your financial kaki, your trusted sidekick in the quest for the ideal home loan. So why compare home loans using a comparison service? Because, in true Singaporean style, it’s about finding not just a loan, but one that’s like a satisfying plate of chicken rice—perfectly balanced and leaving you saying, “Shiok ah!” Happy comparing, lah!


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