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How To Spend Your Money Wisely

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Are you the type that always spend money without looking at the prices?
In that case you may want to check this out

1) Spending money on the things you need not want

Identify what are your needs and wants allow you to spend your money wisely.
what do you want? What do you really need?
Need: are things you must have for day to day survival

Want: are things that are good to have. They are not necessarily needs
eg(latest electronic gadgets, toys, videogames)

2) Wait for offers

Knowing that some items you want might be something you really keen to get it… or some your needs are over your budgets yet you are not in a hurry to get it.
Well you can wait for the great sales or do an online research as you might not know it will be cheaper to buy it online too!

3) Check Whether the item worth the price

Compare an apple which cost 1 for $1 and compare the price of a bag of 6 apples cost $3 which is more value for money?

Yes 6 apples for $3, as 3 divide by 6 is 0.5 so compare buying 1 apple and buying a bag of apple which cost only 50cent for 1

4)Shopping at your neighborhood countries with at a low cost
We know that some countries have a better exchange rate,
people will travel far to get their groceries or things they like.

That’s why you see many Singaporeans would travel to Malaysia for groceries or things they want at the exchange rate of SGD1 to MYR3

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CashChanger Editor
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