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Happy Valentines Day 2022

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Happy Valentines Day 2022 – Today is 14th February, Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated by couples around the world and in Singapore. A person’s Valentine can be anybody with whom they associate feelings of love, admiration, and happiness. A friend, significant other, parent, grand-parent or a pet.

Here’re some greetings and messages, do comment and let us know your thoughts. 🙂

Happy Valentines Day 2022
Happy Valentine’s Day!

With you every day is beautiful, every moment is special. Happy Valentines’ Day!

Love makes the world go round. I hope you find it at every step in life. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

Rejoice in love, don’t fall in love. Always rise in love! Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your loved ones!

Your love has me feel alive, just like your smile brings life to anything. Happy Valentines’ Day!

You are my present and future. Happy Valentines’ Day!

Love reigns supreme everywhere. On this Valentine’s Day, I hope you get to experience love in its purest and most unadulterated form. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

May you enjoy chocolates, roses, hugs, kisses, promises, and all the love that there is. Happy Valentine’s Day to you. Have a great one!

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Sending our neighbours up North in Malaysia some love, and Happy Valentine’s!

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Read more about Happy Valentines Day 2022 at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valentine%27s_Day

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