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How to Receive money in Malaysia – Cash pick-up, PayPal, International money transfer provider, bank-to-bank transfer

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Western Union
Simply choose your preferred method and follow these easy steps.

Cash pickup – Cash pickup

Bank account – Get money in your bank account

Western Union lets you get money directly in your Malaysian or overseas bank account.


Q) How to get money in your bank account in Malaysia?

You’ll need to provide your sender with these details:

• your bank’s name and code

• your name as it appears on your bank account

• your bank account number

Q) How to get money in your bank account overseas?
Check our direct-to-bank country information to know if this service is available in your country, as well as the details you need to provide.

I have questions about direct-to-bank service,
Q) When will I receive my money?
This varies from country to country. It may be on the same day but may take up to five working days4. You may check our direct-to-bank country information for more details. Alternatively, you may also check the status of your transfer online.

Walk in – Visit a Maybank branch or Maybank Forex Booth near you.

Fill in – Fill in the MoneyGram Receive Form and provide some form of identification (e.g. passport/Identification Card) with your 8 digits MoneyGram reference number.

Remitter needs Beneficiary’s full legal name, the bank name and bank account number.

Receive money – Upon confirmation, receiver will be given the money immediately in the local currency.

-Your money will be available for collection in just a few minutes*, anywhere in the world.

-Your money gets where you want it, when they need it.

-Pick up at Maybank branch or Maybank Forex Booth near you.


Q) Where can my recipient collect the funds in Malaysia?

You can collect from any branch of the Xpress Money network. Click on the link for full list of pickup locations

Q) When will funds be available to be collected in Malaysia?

Usually within a few minutes. We may sometimes require further information from you before we can process the transfer in order to comply with our regulatory requirements. We will email you if this is the case.

Q) What currencies can I send for cash pickups to Malaysia?

Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) only.

Q) How much can I send for cash pickups to Malaysia?

Maximum per transfer = MYR 10,000
There may be lower limits depending on the country where you are sending from and the payment method used to fund the transfer. Please see the relevant section in Payment for more info.

Q) What information do I need from my recipient to collect funds in Malaysia?

Full name. Please enter your recipient’s full legal name. It must match their valid, government-issued photo ID for them to successfully collect their funds.

Address. We need your recipient’s city.

Mobile number. We use this to send an SMS notification to your recipient with the transaction reference number which they will need in order to collect the funds. We will also inform them when their funds are ready to be collected.

Sending reason. Please indicate whether it is “family or friend support,” “purchase of services,” “property payment,” or “sending fund to self”.

Email (optional). We use this to email your recipient with details of the transaction. This is particularly useful in case they have issues receiving the SMS notifications.

Please ensure that all your recipient’s details are correct. Once you make your transaction, it is difficult for us to amend or stop the transfer, although we will always try our best to do so.

Q) What should my recipient show when collecting funds in Malaysia?
Valid photo ID. This must be one of the following:


-Driving licence

-ID card/MyKad

-Quote “Xpress Money” and the 16-digit X-Pin transaction reference number. We will notify you and your recipient by email and SMS when funds are ready to be collected and send the transaction reference number.

Please have your recipient quote this when collecting the funds.

A simple and convenient way to pay instantly to any mobile number and NRIC number.

Logon to the Mobile and Internet Banking of your bank or the mobile apps of participating payment providers.
Look for DuitNow under ‘Funds Transfer’ or ‘Send Money’ menu.
Register – Perform a one-time registration for DuitNow by linking your IDs (e.g. mobile number, NRIC number) with your bank accounts or e-money accounts.

Logon to the Mobile and Internet Banking of your bank or the mobile apps of participating payment providers.
Look for DuitNow under ‘Funds Transfer’ or ‘Send Money’ menu.
DuitNow – Enter the recipient’s ID and confirm the transfer details.

Money will be transferred to the recipient’s account instantly.

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