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Introducing Remit.CashChanger.co

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For years, CashChanger has been providing you the latest exchange rates of the money changers in the market. We endeavour to provide you with clarity and transparency to help you make an informed decision for your currency exchange.

Many of you have been asking us about remittance rates. We hear you and brings to you Remit.CashChanger.co

What we do?

Do you need to transfer money to a friend in Australia or need to pay a supplier in Thailand urgently and not sure how? Remit.CashChanger.co is here to help.

We source out for companies that provide cross-border money transfers and look through what they offer.

We then list them on our website and help you compares the rates and fees for the country you are sending, to help get most out of your money and save time.

Currently, the companies we listed are awesome partners of ours and we link you to them directly for a seamless remittance experience.

How it works?

  1. Select the currency of your destination country.

2. Select either the amount you wish to send or the receive amount.

3. Enters the amount and click “Search”

We will list down the remittance providers that offer remittance services to your desired country.

You may sort for the most updated rates, best rate or the best deal (which includes the remittance fees) to help you with your selection.

Click “Send Now” when you wish to remit, and it will direct you to our Partners page where you can complete your transfer with them.

Is it safe?

We only work with partners that hold a remittance license with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) who are bound by the Money-changing and Remittance Business Act. MAS imposed all licensees with a minimum capital requirement, vetted each company’s internal policies and procedures for the protection of client funds and detection of financial crime.

So, in short, we are selective of who we partnered and make sure they can legally provide remittance services.

Are they the only Remittance Companies?

This is certainly not the exhaustive list of remittance companies in Singapore.

In time to come, we will reach out to more licensed remittance providers to bring you a more comprehensive comparison.

In the next few weeks, we will introduce our amazing remittance partners and provide our opinions on various remittance companies.

Partner with us?

If you are a remittance provider and like to be part of us, we welcome you and you can register with us here!

As always, for money changers’ rates, visit
Web: https://cashchanger.co
Telegram: https://cashchanger.co/telegram
Facebook: https://fb.me/cashchanger Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/cashchangercom/

CashChanger Editor
CashChanger Editor
Co-founder of CashChanger.


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