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Is it a good time to remit money?

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You have been working very hard abroad so that your family can have better life back home. A substantial part of your salary is remitted home you probably asked yourself:

Is it a good time to transfer money now?

To help you, we’ve built a trend chart that offers you visibility. This is our way of doing so:

  • We pull 6 months (180 days) worth of daily rates data from the European Central bank.
  • We averaged every currency (Sum average)
  • We then compare the average with today’s rate and the same European Central Bank source.

We would consider a good time to remit when today’s rates were better than the 6-month average.

Good rates would receive a thumbs up and bad rates will receive a thumbs down.

We hope this can help you to make a better decision.

You may choose to remit more when the exchange rates are better or transfer less when the rates are not in your favour.

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