Home Remittance "A Xmas Treat For You" from InstaReM!

“A Xmas Treat For You” from InstaReM!

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The Christmas season is around the corner, and InstaReM is now offering “A Christmas Treat For You”. InstaReM is the cheapest digital remittance provider that allows you to send money to more than 55 countries.

InstaReM’s money transfer services are fast, reliable. and it also provides the best exchange rates to you. They have a strong presence in Asia such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam which makes them a very competitive remittance platform.

To celebrate the Christmas spirit, InstaReM would like to share the joy of giving with a bonus for you! New users can enjoy USD 10 bonus on each of their first 2 transfers of USD 500 or equivalent, to anywhere in the world.

InstaReM Christmas Treat
InstaReM Christmas Treat

So, you must be wondering how to start remitting? Fret not. We will show you a quick guide on how to start using InstaReM.

Here are the steps to remit money overseas:

  1. Register for an account for free
    – Select between individual or business profiles depending on your intention.
  2. Enter personal information
    – Contact details and address will be required for InstaReM’s Know Your Customer (KYC).
  3. Wait for approval
    – Users’ application will be reviewed and approved if successful. Your account will be created within 36 hours.
  4. Sign into the approved account
    – With information provided by InstaReM via email, users may proceed to log in.
  5. Enter recipient’s information
    – Input the recipient’s receiving bank details, amount and currency type is required to fill in.
  6. Key in the promo code
    – Insert the promotion code “XMAS10”.
  7. Complete your transfer and you’re good to go!
    – Receipt will be generated and tracking of transfer can be done with the unique transaction ID generated. It takes approximately 1-2 business day for the recipient to receive the money.

InstaReM’s Xmas Giving!

Get Bonus Equivalent to USD 10 each on first 2 transactions

Coupon Code : XMAS10
Valid till : 31st Dec 2019

The minimum transfer value must be USD 500 equivalent and above.

Click here to sign up for an account now

As always, for money changers’ rates visit
Web: https://cashchanger.co
Telegram: https://cashchanger.co/telegram
Facebook: https://fb.me/cashchanger


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