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Is it a good time to visit a money changer?

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One of the biggest question that bugs every traveler when he/she is at the money changer would be:

Is it a good time to buy foreign currency?

To solve this, we’ve built a rate adviser and this is our methodology on how we determine if the rates are good:

  • We pulled 6 months (180 days) worth of daily rates data from the European Central Bank.
  • Averaging of every currency (sum average).
  • Then we compare the average with today’s rate – also from the same European Central Bank source.

From there, if today’s rates were better then the 6 month average, we would then determine that it is a good time to change.

cashchanger_rateadvisorGood rates would receive a thumbs up and bad rates will receive a thumbs down.

However, if today’s rate is lower then the 6 month average, we would then determine that it would not be a good time to change.

With this, we hope you can make a better decision if it is the best time to visit your money changer.

As always, visit CashChanger.co to find out who has the best rates in Singapore!

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